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There is no bad weather for getting married! On a really rainy August day, in the Munich Registry Office in Mandlstreet, Janine and Alex said „Yes“.



Your wedding photography Munich, Wedding Journalist Munich - for emotional, natural and authentic wedding photography and wedding photojournalism.


Unique wedding photojournalism Munich!

We have chosen for Reinhard Michel as a wedding photographer, his wedding photos we found from the beginning very appealing. They were, of course, not made, and just out of life. Our wedding pictures are really very nice! Working with him was really being pleasant. He was always present yet unobtrusive, and had thus received very many special moments. We can only Send to a friend him. Dear Reinhard, we thank you for making our wedding day with your pictures into something very special. Thus we now have wonderful memories. Keep it up and good luck. Kind regards, Patricia & Tommy

Wedding photography Munich, just great pictures!

It's great fun to see the wedding photos, we discover every new little things. We recommend you you! Greetings Sabine and Chris.

The wedding photos look wonderful !!!

"Our wedding was the beginning of June 2012. We have Reinhard for a wedding photojournalism booked 8 hours. Uebber the Internet, we have come to his home and had the kind of photography immediately enthusiastic. The tendering process was flawless and the advisory meeting was very pleasant. Because of his experience he has given us great tips for planning our wedding. On the wedding day morning we met at the Nymphenburg Park. Reinhard was always at the right time at the right place and has many large and small moments captured. The photos looks wonderful !!! Not only do we - our guests - absolutely loved it. Thanks Reinhard that you accompany us on this unforgettable day with your pictures and beautiful moments in beautiful wedding photos Munich have recorded. "Regards Gitti and Flo

Not long search we found the wedding photographer in Munich, Reinhard Michel on the Internet. His natural wedding photos have promised us immediately. Following our request he immediately responded with an offer and was very sympathetic in his first email rueber. After an extensive meeting with us at home where he explained everything to us and gave us lots of tips on planning our wedding, our mind was made ​​up before the meeting. We wanted to hire him as our wedding photographer in Munich. Our wedding was in April at the restaurant Fischer am Ammersee. It should be an intimate, small wedding with 50 guests. With its calm and not obtrusive appearance and behavior Reinhard fit the bill perfectly for us. During our day, he has behaved very unobtrusive and discreet, neither the Church nor on the subsequent celebration he has disturbed. His wedding pictures give exactly reflect what we have gefuehhlt that day.Unfortunately it rained in our day, thank God, had stopped there briefly during the bridal couple shootings. We still, or perhaps because of getting beautiful pictures. We're still always impressed by his sensitive images! Reinhard Michel, as our wedding photographer we can recommend really warmest heart. He also photographed in Upper Bavaria, such as in Rosenheim, Salzburg, Wasserburg, Tegernsee and other cities.

Lots of love, Sabine and Mario

With our same-sex, gay wedding, we have become aware of Reinhard Michel. It is perfectly responsive to our challenging notions of natural and emotional wedding photos. During our 2 hour photo shoots doing wonderful pictures were taken. It was a beautiful day! Thank you that you have with us! Christian and Simon

My work colleagues had sponsored me for our wedding a wedding photographer. Although we were initially very skeptical and wanted to have no photographer for ourselves, Reinhard has convinced after the first call us. You could just tell him what you want and what is not, and just as he pushed it through anyway at the wedding. He discreetly in the background and stopped after a few minutes you could totally hide that he was ever there. The photos are become great, a lot of nice shots right out of life out where you can see and almost can feel already how much fun we had on this special day. In retrospect, would be really escaped us what we could not have had the Reinhard here. In this way nochnals love you very much for the phenomenal photos:-) At our next wedding - it will never be hopefully - we would definitely book you also themselves, you have completely convinced us:-) Sonja and Stanislava

Dear Reinhard, a thousand thanks for the grandest wedding photos ever. We can not describe how happy we are happy with the result. It was great that you took the time to get to know us, to get a feeling for us and also as scan, as we really are. Without kitsch and relaxed. We really wanted candid photos where we actually recognize you and that is absolutely first class. We will log book definitely be back as soon as there is something to photograph again and will recommend you highly to anyone who needs a very sympathetic and highly competent photographer who certainly worth every penny. Thank you that you were our wedding photography Munich Munich. Aleks and Steffen

Our wedding we celebrated in autumn in Munich near the English Garden. Reinhard had impressed us with his candid pictures already on the homepage. He has our entire celebration always moved unobtrusively in the background, but was always present and has fesgehalten many many beautiful moments in pictures. Thank you dear Reinhard, watching it our wedding photos, we are still in some to tears gerührt.Wir will definitely recommend you as a wedding photographer for a wedding reportage! All the best, Paulina and Erich

What is a wedding photojournalism Munich?

At a wedding reportage photographer verucht as little as possible aware of his paintings to directly influence with regard to the design. That is, the proportion of candid shots and moments makes the main part of a wedding photojournalism Munich aus.Porträts by the guests arrive at a report before rather little and only sporadically. Selbt at the bride and groom images, should the photographer veruchen so authentic and candid pictures as possible to take pictures n.

Wedding photography and wedding photojournalism Munich

A flock of white doves ascends while the bride and groom kissing intimately and sealed their marriage. For countless women dream of a fairytale wedding par excellence. But up to that unforgettable moment there is still a long way. From the planning to the big day could be just months. I experience it over and over again, what excitement and ecstasy are reflected in the eyes of the bride when she speaks only of the wedding to-be. On that special day so many memorable moments will happen that many not enough to easily shoot after marriage. I understand fully and have made ​​it my as a wedding photographer in Munich for the task, just hold those verzückenden moment that one later in vain to look for any pictures. With a professional wedding photojournalism Munich I hold even the most minuscule moment for you. 
Do not put the pictures of your unique day in the hands of friends or acquaintances, but really rely here on the transfer of an expert. I as a wedding photographer from Munich have a lot of experience and knows exactly what matters ultimately in the making.

Authentic must be it!

In my experience, the demand for a professional wedding photojournalism in Munich has increased dramatically. No wonder! In an almost journalistic style are here just made ​​snapshots and photos shot no questions for the general public. Such wedding photojournalism Munich allows you that you will later be reminded of the little moments and not only to the actual wedding ceremony. 
I am a wedding photographer in Salzburg and also as a wedding photographer in Rosenheim for couples. If you do not come directly from Munich, this is of course no reason not to hold a reservation.

Planning is the be all and wedding photojournalism Munich

If you are also planning to set up their love the crown, then you trust the wedding photographer from Rosenheim. I will stand by as a silent companion, and with just snapshots capture these moments that you are not so really perceive the rush of feelings and the overwhelming emotions. 
Getting married in Rosenheim has something special, because here you have numerous location and picturesque scenes in a generous selection.

Wedding photographer Rosenheim, Salzburg and Munich

A wedding is only a success if good planning. First I made ​​the experience that needs to be clarified how many guests will attend that magical day. Only then everything can be more safely plan.

So remember to sit down with your future spouse and discuss a guest list. Sometimes less is more. It can not be loaded always the friend of the friend's and his family. Put here priorities and trust your own feelings. Note finally that you set yourself a budget and to be swallowed but not just for the guests. Part of the wedding planning much more: the wedding dress, catering, the bridal bouquet and so on and so on.

Reinhard Michel delivers authentic wedding photos

Many women believe that they already can already before the guest list is established at all looking for your wedding dress. Better to wait until the location is fixed. Only then do you also know how eventualities of the weather you have to adjust if necessary. 
Just as a wedding photographer in Rosenheim or as a wedding photographer in Salzburg I have one or two times may have been experiencing that specific slogans for the festival were chosen and had a white wedding dress do not fit. 
Especially in Munich Nymphenburg Palace is a stunning setting for a fairy tale wedding. If you also want to celebrate properly pompous, then the lock is the right choice. Note that this must be sufficient for the required number of guests when planning the location. 
Moreover, I have already accompany weddings that were celebrated in a small frame, without carriage and cake and still had a magic force that I have held a wedding photojournalism. This notice was addressed to all brides, where budget for a pompous wedding is not given. 
Amidst all the euphoria must never be lost sight of the true meaning of marriage. For the love to your partner it is that you want to finalize it.

Wedding Photos Munich

If you can create your wedding photos in Munich from us, please take thus a good decision. Sure there are a wedding photographer in Salzburg and even a wedding photographer in Rosenheim. But with us, you put on a real professional. I made ​​wedding photos in Munich, which has pleased the bride and groom in retrospect incredible. You too can therefore be unforgettable wedding photos in Munich of us do if you want more than a simple portrait shot. 
In addition to the Nymphenburg Palace, it is the banks of the Isar, which provides a picturesque backdrop for the fabulous photos. I am looking forward to meet you, your wedding photographer Munich.

Marriage in Munich - same-sex marriage

Of course we also accompany a same-sex wedding from start to cracking day X. As a wedding photographer in Munich, I must now accompany since 2013, gay marriage, and celebrations are due to a rain scene in Munich always a thrilling experience. A same-sex marriage is a classic wedding really second to none. Nevertheless, a same-sex wedding is usually flashier, more colorful and sometimes even emotional when we say the classic weddings. 
Marriage in Munich, the bottom line is always something very special. Regardless of whether same-sex marriage, or classic wedding. It is important that the wedding photos Münnchen just hold those moments that you would like to remember later. 
Sit back and let the wedding photos to me. I will give you memories to last forever with the pictures. For a wedding glecihgeschlechtliche I bring course with a lot of empathy. To ensure that your wedding photos Munich gaanz be something special. The wedding photographer Rosenheim, wedding photographer Salzburg and Upper Bavaria.

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