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You are looking for a wedding photographer in Munich,Wedding Photographer Munich

who can immortalize all the unique and unforgettable moments of your big day? I am a trained photographer with more than 18 years of experience. As your wedding photographer, you are assured that this wealth of experience and professionalism will reflect in the quality of your pictures: emotional, fun and full of new discoveries, wrapped as a whole, complete story. From the styling of the bride, to the wedding ceremony, to the party, I work discreetly and intuitively.


for me, starts with a precise preparation: All I can clarify in advance, I clarify. You and your guests should enjoy your wedding undisturbed. In a conversation with the priest, for example, I clarify where and when I can move during the ceremony. Together, we will discuss your exact requirements and my execution.

Intuitive and discreet photography to me means, with my experience, to be at the right time at the right place, to capture in pictures all the emotion-filled moments. What your hearts feel, I see and capture. I therefore direct as little as possible. Natural, authentic photos that show real feelings are very important to me. I shoot as discreetly as possible.

About me:

  • I am a person with a lot of empathy, sensitivity and heart. As a professional photographer, these traits, together with my considerable experience, enable me to handle difficult situations wih ease.
  • I am happy! As a happy husband and father, I am pleased all the more when I can share in the happiness of others!
  • I love my job! Even when I was a child and later on as a teenager, I have been experimenting with the camera of my father, a photography enthusiast. Eventually, it just felt natural that I decided to pursue the craft professionally and go through training as a commercial photographer. To this day, I am fascinated by this varied profession.
  • I love to travel! As a "M├╝nchner Kindl" (Munich child), the travel bug bites me again and again. I love to discover and immerse myself in other cultures, to understand, to learn and widen my perspective. Every journey inspires and promises many fascinating faces and landscapes for me and my camera. I usually travel backpacking through Asia. Pictures of my travels are here.
  • I am a gourmet! I love to cook and am always open to new flavors. Sometimes, dinner may even start with fried grasshoppers, move to a spicy Thai curry, and end with a sweet chocolate mousse. :-)

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Reinhard Michel