FAQs, how do we find "our" wedding photographer?

What is realy important in your choice of finding a wedding photographer? A small instruction.

{slider Where are the differences to a cheaper photographer? Do we really need a more expensive photographer?}

Be honest: Have you ever signed a contract supposedly cheaper to save money? Maybe you have annoyed about the high fees hotlines or annoyed the lack of service, when it push comes to shove?

At a first glance, often, the seemingly lower rate is alluring.

Crucial is the right price-performance ratio: What do I get for the price? What about with editing the RAW pictures? The images will be really single edited individually? (That will cost a lot of time) or blown up with a relevant and automating image enhancement function to a button in Photoshop? Many cheaper prices will have hidden costs. And the seemingly favorable fee will subsequently turn into an expensive pleasure. Many local wedding photographers do not earn their money with the fee with the wedding but by selling expensive prints, photo books and photo discs.

You will probably not find serious photographers, under 1400 € for 8 hours booking, because the offer will include always the working time at the computer to get the maximum quality.


{slider  How much costs a professional wedding photographer?}

Photographers are a dime a dozen, the price spread is huge. The price, of course, says nothing about the quality of a photographer. Still, quality has its price! An experienced, seasoned photographer knows his tools in his sleep. What does this mean exactly?

A perfectly functioning and professional equipment with for example a Digital SLR camera, several lenses, a powerful flash, memory cards and much more.
A trained eye and a feeingl for the important, beautiful and memorable moments even with rapidly changing weather and light conditions
Professional and individual picture editing with Photoshop
Transparent costs and supply list (no hidden costs!)

Service: First meeting, detailed arrangements for the course of the wedding celebration, visit the location beforehand

I offer my clients individual all-including offers. So you know exactly from the beginning, which will cost you the report and what the price includes everything. For me, the level of trust with my clients is very important. That's why it is important for me that my clients before, during and after the wedding are totaly satisfied with my service and my wedding pictures .

{slider  Limited budget - what should you avoid?}

A common problem is that you would like "everything" to have, but the budget is not enough. A wedding is always more expensive than you planned and you need to save anywhere. But please, the product is never about photography! A wedding album you can also take several years later, when you had the right photographer. Then you will hold everything inyour hand, and you can create a nice wedding book with your first wedding anniversary or other occasion.
But if you take your second or third choice of photographer is priced just cheep and has included the album in the price, you will be disappointed later when the pictures are not like in your first choice!

{slider  Is the sympathy for a photographer really important? How do we recognize "our" wedding photographer?}

Yes, absolutely!

The chemistry has to be right. In my experience it will guarantee the success of the wedding report and the success of very good authentic, emotional and extraordinary pictures. You trust finally agreed that I will not disturb your celebration. Your trust on my photography skills and my interpersonal finesse and sensitivity. Trust that I create a wedding report to your taste and your wishes. You assume that I see with my eyes exactly what you feel and so I will catch the best moments.

A photographer is always a stranger. And as with any other new encounter, especially the first impression, the first sympathy is very important. At the first meeting you decide if the chemistry is right. It's your wedding. There are your guests. You made many thoughts in advance about who you will invite to celebrate this special day with you. Perhaps your family, your relatives and your closest friends? If you feel that the photographer is right for you, i.e. if he is able to respond to your wishes and ideas to photograph your wedding so that you will like the photos even years later. Then you've found your photographer.

I personally prefer to meet all my couples at their home. This has many advantages in comparison to a bar or restaurant. The atmosphere is much more personal, you're just your own, and we can talk in a very relaxed atmosphere without any disturbing background sounds.

{slider  Why not take Uncle "Bob", he is making good pictures as well?}

You have probably also a passionate amateur photographer in your friendship circle or in your family. Uncle Bob makes great photos that you like and have also determined a great camera. So why not ask Uncle Bob? Your guests are your guests and as such they should enjoy the celebration too. They should celebrate undisturbed, meet up with friends or family members, talk with them omitted.

Uncle Bob is doing great photos sure, but with such a large thing like a full day wedding photography it is lacking the experience in dealing with such a responsible task. For example, does he has enough battery or has he considered how many memory cards he will need for the full report when he shoots an average of 2000 photos? He is experienced in editing images on the computer? Is he able to show all photos online? Above all, it is the experience, the routine and the feeling to catch the right moments that make a capture wedding photography as unique. The eyes will make the image, not the camera!

If we could tel everything with words, we would not need photographers! Consider your decision for a professional wedding photographer as a lasting investment, as the only reminder of your day.

{slider  Are there different styles of wedding photography? How do I know which type of photography to fit me?}

Oh yes, of course! You landed on my side, either by random or because your just look for this kind of photography. Candid, natural, and emotionally! My images are classic photojournalism. Observant, very little invasive and unobtrusive. Seeking moments that capture all the special features to a successful story in pictures then fuse together again later.
The wedding reportage photography differentiate the visual language of the individual photographer. Some colleagues prefer much more shots at the arranged bride and groom wedding couple shoots.
Then there are the classic wedding photography. Here the particularity is not the accompaniment of the day, does not capture special moments, but the portraiture of the guests in your beautiful clothes - and in very short time.

{slider  Can I see ALL the pictures from a wedding, as the wedding couple will see it later as well?}

At a wedding photographer homepage can be found naturally only the best photos. Let you show at least 400 images of a wedding. Make sure how the photographer has caught and captured the moments. What is the ratio of posed shots to really captured moments? Right here it really takes experience and a 6th sense. On the other hand taking portraits is much easier. Please Sign In if you are interested, I will gladly give you the password to my online galleries, how my clients will see their pictures after the wedding.

{slider  Why is ist not possible to get all the taken pictures of our wedding? How many pictures do we get?}

This question I often get asked from my couples. On an 8 hour wedding I photograph about 3000 to 4000 images. I always compare it with making a movie. For a movie even hundreds of hours are taken and only the best will be later selected to produce a smooth-flowing story, edited and cut together. It's exactly the same with wedding journalism. 

I put a lot of time already in the selection and deliver quality and beauty. Is there a situation of very many similar photos, I am looking for the most beautiful of them for editing. It does not correspond to me to present you the day after your wedding 3000 unedited jpgs on which you are possibly do not look good. This quality is important, not the quantity! You will receive 300-600 photos of the hours of booking.

{slider  Do you edit the pictures? Will they get edited automatically, base corrected or do you edited every single picture "by hand"?}

I edit my photos in principle "by hand" and in RAW format (sharpness, saturation, color space, white balance, exposure, tonal and color correction) individually and not let them run through of a
editing program automatically. With this individual editing I get the maximum quality of the images.

{slider  On which format do you take your pictures?}

In Jpeg or with the professional RAW format? ONLY RAW format images can be subsequently corrected afterwards in color temperature and color. Who wants an uncompromising maximum image quality, the RAW format is the only choice. The post is time-consuming and computationally intensive.

{slider  In the church, do you photograph with flash, or with the available light? Is there as well a telephoto lens?}

Only in exception cases I must flash at very little bit in the church. In order not to destroy the mood and to be inconspicuous as possible, I photograph almost always with available light. I work with 2 professional digital SLR to deliver the very good quality, even in low-light conditions. One of them is equipped with a large telephoto zoom lens. A time-consuming with changing lenses is therefore not necessary on the altar for example, I can photograph very well from a distance, without disturbing the ceremony. Of course I carry cameras with the latest technology and high-speed lenses with me.

{slider  Do we have to pay later per print, or do we get all the pictures on DVD with the maximum resolution?}

For many photographers, the price seems to be quite low. But on the contract is only a very limited number of images to be edited or you have to pay for each single print. Often it is deceptive,
that a CD is delivered. The resolution of the photos must be large enough for deductions, not only for the screen. With me you will always get a package price, no hidden expenses and costs. You get all edited, selected images with FULL resolution (300 ppi) on DVD.