A wedding is just the beginning

A wedding is just the beginning
The demographic development in Germany not only makes the pension funds worries. Around 70 years of peace in Europe and a more sophisticated health care to bring it about that more and more people reach old age, but the desire of Germans to spend their lives in terms of a classic family together with children, is still not up. Quite the contrary: the expansion of daycare and other forms of care in spite of our country will compensate the increasing number of retirees still not quite the talent. Since child support, parental allowance and soon the care benefit very little help.

Dream Wedding - More than just a desire of little girls?

Quite a few little girl dreaming in puppetry from learning one day know her Prince Charming. Yet so many princes there is not in our country and so the way to the wedding is most surely of one or other of disillusionment and compromise. The prince is not about the most different and a partnership that succeeds it from the outset, adequately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the partner and to live with it is perhaps rather crowned by a certain sustainability as the illusion of perfection. Also it will be a difficult path to want to permanently partner play for their own alleged perfection, which is usually not given. A dream wedding is also possible between people who are quite real their own imperfection are aware. If it is then to be a dream wedding, but then ask a wedding photographer Munich, wedding photojournalism

What comes after the wedding?

To deliver a promise of marriage takes only a few seconds, it will be observed long a lifetime. The fulfillment of such a promise is a decision that needs to take on new things every day, when the pious saying "till death do us part" is actually a reality. Marriage end in former ages, it also had comparatively simple: The age was still quite manageable and the pious promises thus covered a period from which it was sometimes easily made to fulfill. The older a person gets, the greater the amount of time that must cover it with a common spouse. A more liberal legislation and case law make it today also easier to get a marriage promise to release. Even little more social sanctions are to be expected when you live in divorce, as it might be in many places been the case earlier.

Children or not?

A family had in earlier times always aim to broaden your family tree and "Be fruitful and multiply" to conform to the old phrase from the Bible. However, the diversity of family models has grown and also a partnership without children is now established as a family in every way. Children bring life to a house, but also put new demands on family life. The opportunities to combine children and a professional life, are more diverse than ever, but not always the thought of bringing children into the world is to then give back to changing caregivers on, a picture that one at the concept of " family life "immediately comes to mind. Who would adopt a dog, and then again a week to give him for five days in the shelter?

You should already be aware of exactly today how the common life with children imagine before setting these in the world. Children not only bring fresh air into the family, they also do a lot of work. And you should be aware of whether one wants zumunten nerves located exactly above. There are babies who find neither their night's rest, as then the parents and when the children reach puberty, this in turn may mean one or another sleepless night. And the supposedly carefree time in between but sometimes shorter than you think.