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Wedding Photojournalism is to capture the moment, or...

...there is a lot to say about my style. A couple has once put it very well: "You did capture the many big and small moments that we ourselves did not realize. Whenever I look at your pictures, I still discover new and fun details I've never noticed before. " (See references).

Every wedding is different: it has its own script, it has its own grand highlights and trivial moments. Capturing all these in pictures is my passion.

A professional photographer and a lay person may spot exactly the same thing: a great moment here, a fleeting instant there. The composition, selection and editing of images spell the big difference whether your wedding photos will turn out to be the beautiful images you want to keep and show to friends and family, or pictures you would gladly bury in forgotten photo albums.

To be a Wedding Photographer: me means, with my experience, to be at the right time at the right place, to capture in pictures all the emotion-filled moments. What your hearts feel, I see and capture. I therefore direct as little as possible. Natural, authentic photos that show real feelings are very important to me. I shoot as discreetly as possible. 

... For me is, by my experience at the right time and the right place to hold all of the emotional moments in pictures for you. With my eyes to see what feel your heart. Natural, authentic photos and true feelings are exactly what it is! I need to feel you in order to reflect the unique atmosphere of your special day in a story of pictures. This requires a professional with experience and passion. I already invest a lot of time to get to know you as best as possible. I keep hearing praise and positive feedback like, "we and our guests have you hardly noticed but you were still always there and present."

Imagine that you look after decades to your wedding album with your grandchildren, and you are still stirred in and touched through the images reminiscent of the on extraordinary mood on that day. Wow! It's great again to relive the story of this compound.

I look forward to seeing you! When can I tell your story in pictures?

What is Wedding Photojournalism?
Basically, there are different types of wedding photography. One form is Photojournalism. Here, the focus is on capturing the moments – the wedding day story as it unfolds, the real and genuine emotions. Staged portraits to me are not as honest and beautiful. To capture the story, one needs a lot of experience and a photographer's sixth sense. To compose individual photos on the other hand is much easier.

"Just the way YOU are!"

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