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The Wedding Album - An Investment in the Future!covers CrystalGlance

As a great addition, I offer exclusive, handmade wedding albums of very high quality. You can either include the wedding album in the package price, or as a wedding anniversary gift after your wedding. A wedding album is timeless. The digital data in a DVD or hard drive, in contrast, only have a shelf life of 6-8 years.


The albums range from the spacious 40x50 and 35x45 sizes, to the classic 30x40, up to the compact formats 25x35 and 20x30 which may be inserted on the respective vertical and/or square formats.


You can choose between real and metallic photo paper, or alternatively, textured paper. All of these options can be adjusted over a glossy or matte lamination. The glossy metallic paper, as a standard, is alwayscovers Distressed laminated.


From simple leatherette to genuine traditional Italian leather, from the spectacular look of metallic and transparent covers, to the elegant, personalized silk covers. All covers are available in different formats (Portrait, Square, Landscape).

I would gladly go through details with you personally with sample books! More pictures and information can be found on

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